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DIGITAL SIGNAGE - The digital way of promotion and advertising.

Digital Signage is a software and equipment arrangement which allows us to view multimedia content via interconnection infrastructure (Internet, 3G, etc.) on display devices such as LCD screens, Plasma, 3D, LED, Touchscreen, Videowall and Projectors.


Control of multiple projection points is performed remotely over the Internet. A live content feed (videos, photos, texts, video program, dynamic web content) together with product and service advertisements are transmitted in real time via Internet networks and technologies. Alongside the commercial content, there is the option of viewing informational / entertainment content and updated information (news, weather, sports news, etc.).

An increasing number of agencies in recent years realizes the value of digital content in order to increase awareness of a product or service, to inform its customers and especially to increase sales through the appropriate targeted information.

Digital Signage is about implementing private and corporate television networks, where communication with the public is performed in a totally targeted way, because digital signage applications are actually at the point where buying decisions take place, ie the point of sale itself.

The Digital Signage technology can cause tremendous changes in the way organizations are in contact with their customers, since it allows them to display personalized messages and services whereever and whenever they want, allowing them to reduce costs and increase revenue by drastically improving the efficiency of communication.

Digital Signage introduces a new communication and advertising model that will offer you:

  • Reduced advertising costs through the repeated use of advertising space and updating content, without generating additional printing material and printing costs.             
  • Improved consumer experience, offering informative and entertaining content, influencing consumer behavior             
  • Utility information (news, weather, traffic, local news, travel information, etc.)             
  • Creation of additional resources through the sale of advertising space to suppliers.             
  • Increase Sales.             

Why choose Digital Signage?


One of the main problems many businesses face today is to convey the right information at the right time to the right people and in the appropriate space. The impression that Digital Signage is something alive that is "running" and not something static, makes it an exciting experience for the audience. Additional use of digital signage allows us to overcome the spatial problems.


The power of interaction


Digital Signage technology allows consumers to receive information and offers related only to products and services that interest them. The incorporation of interactive technologies like e.g. touch screens, results in the instant gathering of valuable (for business) information in relation to the consumption habits of the public. Consumers can benefit from offers the shops are making at the time.


The power of information gathering


Statistics that are stored can significantly help the advertised companies. They can add valuable information about consumers in databases for ongoing marketing initiatives, increase in transaction sizes and quantitative return on their investment. Network owners can generate additional revenue from their visitors, while enhancing the experience of visitors at the site.


The power of immediacy


One of the biggest problems of the formalities for transfering of corporate product forms is the time required for their movement from point A to point B. Digital Signage enables immediate information at multiple points with targeted and filtered material. This is best possible advantage of digital signage over other time consuming conventional methods.


The power of personalization


Different types of approach to different individuals or groups. This means that the content seen by a consumer has been specially adapted for his profile.


The benefits:

  • Original and dynamic way to update             
  • Flexible means of display             
  • Suitable for every budget, particularly useful in times of economic crisis             
  • An economical means of advertising for a lower cost in the long run, compared to other ad formats             
  • Increase in sales, getting your name known and quick payback of expenses             
  • Easy and immediate viewing of advertisements, from a static image to a video             
  • Gaining customer impressions with a targeted and moving message             
  • Replace other promotions (eg printed brochures) or combined use with other promotions             
  • Reduction of perceived customer waiting time             
  • Strong competitive advantage to advertisers, as in recent years mounting points are continuously added in the Greek marke             
  • Consumer approach wherever they are             
  • Simultaneous satisfaction of consumers' information needs at multiple viewing points             
  • Display of targeted products and services             
  • Strengthen the image and product - services awareness.             
  • Display advertising message to consumers that can not easily be approached otherwise             
  • Flexibility in the implementation of an advertising campaign with features such as:             
    1. Different content on each point of sale             
    2. Change the content multiple times during the day             
    3. Direct Response to competition             

Surveys say

  • Digital Signage attracts the customer's attention and keeps him longer in store with obvious benefits.             
  • The video captures the attention of customers 7 times more than a poster.             
  • 74% of purchasing decisions are taken in the sales area, which makes the in-store promotions a valuable configuration parameter of total sales.             
  • 2 to 3 adult consumers say that advertising through Digital Signage attracts their interest in a pleasant way and has a positive impact on the final decision for review or purchase of a product.             
  • The displays that provide information and updates, play a key role in creating a positive experience for the customer - consumer.             
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